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DIAL 911
740-886-6760     STATION 1
740-886-9336     STATION 2

Tanker E-7
Tanker E-7 has been with the Rome Vol. Fire Dept.  for about 8 years this apparatus was prefabricated by the members of the dept. The tanks and pump was installed by some of the original members. This  piece of apparatus is housed at our station # 2 up in Miller, we use this apparatus as a standby. The year is 1967 and it is Ford. This truck can draft as well as pump to other apparatus. 
Brush Truck E-8
Brush Truck E-8 is one of our newest 4 wheel drive apparatus. It used mainly for fighting brush fires, where the other apparatus can not go. This vehicle is equipped with  6 man seating and has a 250 Gallon poly tank with a 250 GPM portable pump. It holds  Brush rakes, Backfire gear and other equipment pertaining to fighting brush fires. This vehicle can also be used in inclement weather for getting  at hard to reach places to help our community.
1952 Dodge Jeep
4-Wheel drive
This 1952 Dodge 4- wheel drive apparatus is a very strong vehicle. It is capable of going to places where other vehicles can not  go, It consists of a very low drive train to climb steep and rough terrain. This vehicle is used mainly in foul weather, floods, snow storms, mud slides. It seats 2 fire fighters and can carry equipment, food, blankets to those in need of supplies.